short-term investment- I just want to tell you first that you should always go with long-term investment whenever it is possible.

If there is any kind of need that you have to invest in some short-term instruments then do not select it.

Because long-term investment can help you more than…

What is direct mutual fund plan?- We all know about Mutual funds.

But there are mainly two types of plans in mutual funds.



But we will mainly discuss direct mutual funds today.

If you want to invest your money in mutual funds…

What are ELSS funds?- We all know about mutual funds. So ELSS is a type of mutual fund.

It is basically for those who want to save their taxes. Here we will talk about all pros and cons of ELSS funds.

Do you guys know the full form of ELSS…

All about mutual funds- As much as we see ads on TV that mutual funds are right but somewhere in the mind there is a fear that to lose our money. We also can’t fully believe that ads.

This happens because we do not know what a mutual fund is…


Hi Friend, My name is Pulak Banerjee the founder of INFOBEAST2EARN. I help people and give them knowledge about investing. Sit

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